New Fundraising Ideas for Youth

Several youth organizations and schools are in need of Fundraising Ideas. Special events, field trips and other activities are in need of finances, that is why you need fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling. Any idea is a good idea if it generates money. It is east to have a bake sell or to sell candy, cookie dough or pizza. These are wonderful ideas, but do you want to try something new? When you attend your meetings, feel free to share these NEW ideas:

Pre-paid Car Wash

A Pre-paid Car Wash is an excellent idea. First of all, you need to find a location where you can have the car wash. Maybe and your school or organization’s parking lot. Sometimes gas stations host car washes. Once you have found a location, then you should print tickets. Distribute a book of (20 tickets) to each student. Tickets can sell for $10 each. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to come to the car wash. If they forget there are no refunds! Of course you need to work out other details regarding the organization of washing the cars, the water supply, soap, towels, vacuuming and ect. You can also sell hotdogs and drinks to individuals while they are waiting.

Online Donation Drive

All you need to do for this fundraiser is create a basic two or three page website and discuss the nature of your fundraiser. Give a deadline for this campaign. Establish a Paypal account for people to go online and donate. Once you have a website name, individuals can email, text, or post the website information on Facebook. Don’t forget to include your goal of how money you are trying to raise.

Restaurant Night

Maybe your favorite restaurant can host a special night for your organization. During this night, 10% or whatever is negotiated is donated to your organization of all of the meals purchased. Someone just needs to do the leg work and pick a good day for this event. You will need to do flyers and advertise to get as many family and friends to the restaurant on this day. You may choose to do this event several times a year to raise funds and to have a wonderful fellowship for your organization.