You can be an Encouragement at the Workplace


How often are you in search of encouragement while at work? Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and focused. Especially when you have been on your job for several years. Or maybe the morale in your department is down. People are discouraged, disappointed and unhappy. Is there anything you can do? Of course, below are a few tips:

Help to Increase the Morale

Try your best to go to work with a positive attitude. Encourage others to participate in Birthday or Holiday celebrations. Make recommendations to the management of ideas you may have to increase the morale.

Bring Goodies to Work

If you like to bake or cook, maybe once a month you can bring goodies to work. Others may catch on and decide to participate. This is a way of showing that you were thinking about your co-workers.

Share Advice

Lift people up and motivate them to do those things they need to do to accomplish career and company goals can be encouraging. Your co-workers will appreciate it. Share with them written advice or examples that worked for you.

Notice and Recognize all Efforts

Notice and recognize the efforts and improvements some co-workers make. A simply thank your, or I appreciated your help will go a long way.

Send an Encouraging E-mail

Send someone an encouraging e-mail if you noticed that they are discouraged about a situation. Maybe you can send them a smiley face or something that will make them laugh.

Establish the “Employee of the Month”

Encourage the management to establish the “Employee of the Month”. This will help to increase the morale and give the employees something to look forward to. Maybe along with a certificate, they will win a free lunch or parking for the month.

Support your Boss or Co-worker

Act as a fan club member or a cheerleader for a boss or co-worker. Cheerfully assure them, “I know you could do this…”

Establish a Positive Office or Cubicle

Hang positive posters, pictures or quotes in your office or cubicle. You will be surprised when co-workers come to talk to you what they will observe. This will also be a reflection of your character