Tips on Wedding Dress Care and Storage

Author: Toni C

The days and hours leading up to a wedding can often see a wedding dress being treated like a rare artifact. Let the wedding come to an end, however, and the care and maintenance of that very same wedding dress might fall to the wayside. This is unfortunate because many issues that can lead to the ruination of that dress will occur in the hours it is worn and in the handful of hours afterward.

For example, one of the biggest causes of permanent stains on a wedding dress are the unseen and undetectable body oils that come from the dozens of hands that touch the dress throughout the wedding day, as well as from the bride herself. Perspiration stains on the arm holes and makeup stains on the neckline will also become a serious issue as well. This can be easily managed and prevented by simply assigning one member of the wedding party with the task of taking charge of the dress as the bride and groom depart the reception for their honeymoon.

What does this person have to do with the wedding dress in the days after the wedding? The smartest thing to do is to decide on how the dress will be cleaned. Though there are prepackaged bottles of cleansers and even archival cleansers for vintage garments, it is usually advisable to seek out a professional gown cleaner who has specially designed equipment meant to tackle the most problematic and invisible issues.

This sort of cleaning is going to be done using some chemicals that can remove the body oils, perspiration, and makeup as well as unseen food and wine stains that make an ugly and permanent appearance later. While this cleansing process is vital and essential, it is imperative that the gown is also put into a proper storage container afterward. Making sure that the cleaner uses acid free wrapping paper and a special cardboard box is usually going to lead to optimal results.

Why not a plastic garment bag? Although this would seem to be the ideal approach to gown storage, it is the surest way to trap any lingering odors or moisture that will lead to unpleasant or mildew-like odors permanently lingering on the fabric. A specially designed storage box is going to allow the free flow of fresh air and moisture necessary to keep the fabric and the garment in top condition. Though it might be nice to have a window in the lid that allows you to take a look at the gown from time to time, this can also allow light to strike only a specific area of the dress and can lead to discoloration. For that fact alone, it is best to use a windowless archival storage box.

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