Healthy Activities for your Children


Parents should always encourage Health Activities for their children. Sometimes the child will let you know if they want to play an instrument or sometimes you may have to go ahead and expose them to a dance class. Nevertheless, we want them to do things that promote a healthy lifestyle and produce a constructive thought process. While your child is young, as early as age 3 or 4, you probably need to begin this process. Below are three activities that I believe will help to develop your child:

Music Lessons

At one time, schools offered music lessons as a part of their curriculum. But, due to budget cuts, many schools do not offer lessons anymore. But, if your child’s school does, jump on the opportunity. Whether it is taking drum, flute, clarinet or piano lessons, this will be a wonderful opportunity. Your child will begin to develop a talent or express and interest that will be developed over a period of time. But, if you need to invest in private lessons, then you need to do so. Most private lessons are one-on-one and your child will get the attention that they need.

I introduced my daughter to piano lessons at the age of about 8. She took lessons for about four or five years until she broke the news to me that she really did not want to play the piano. But, guess what, she learned how to play several songs, and to read a little bit of music. But, surprisingly to me, now that she is in her second year of college, she recently told me that she wants to start playing again. Sometimes you just never know how things will work out, that is why it is important for parents to expose and encourage their children in different areas.