How To Parent An Angry Teenager - Make Your Home A Happier And More Relaxed Place

Author: Robert William Locke

Hostility, anger and defiance. That is a pretty negative list to start with and yet very often we are confronted with an angry teenager wearing all these badges on his or her sleeve. That is what many parents cannot cope with because they do not know how to break through the barrier and create a more positive atmosphere in the home.

So, where do we start? The first thing to do in a rare calm moment is to establish a few ground rules. The hostility and hatred towards you and the siblings is just not on and the consequences are that if that sort of behavior continues, then there is no ride to baseball practice and he may be grounded.

But how can we help the angry teenager to deal with this anger that seems to consume them? We should chat to them about this and ask what are the reasons for getting so angry.

There may be minor inconveniences or there may be a situation where the teen feels cheated, hurt or downright frustrated. There are different ways he can react to these situations and a wise parent can guide him and teach him to be aware of the different kinds of reactions which might be justified.

Anger may well be justified in a situation where the teen has been hurt. That is justified and we adults get angry too when the situation warrants it.

But there are different ways we can vent our feelings of anger. If we use only physical means, or behave recklessly, then we would not last very long in the workplace. We can illustrate a few examples to the angry teenager. We could even resort to drugs or alcohol as a way of giving release to our feelings. Again, we would not last very long in the job or we would just get sacked.

Then we need to point out that there are useful avoidance strategies like better time management. If we do that, we are less likely to get stressed out, annoyed or angry because things will definitely go more smoothly. We can also learn to pause, think and ask ourselves why we are angry at this particular situation.

Then we can recognize what triggers our anger and learn to avoid these situations as far as possible. Also the use of physical exercise is a great way of getting rid of pent up anger. Once we point out these strategies to an angry teenager, we may go some way to restoring peace and harmony in the home.

These are just a few of the techniques I learnt from a behavior modification program which was a great help in dealing with behavior problems in my angry teenager. There are a lot more which deal with dealing with defiance, aggressiveness and also how to talk to your teen and get through to him when there seems to be an unbreakable wall.

Why not find out how a behavior modification program written by one of the most famous behavior therapists in America can help you. Why not find out exactly how to restore some peace and harmony in your home for a change?

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