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At the end of the day, after a long day of work, school or just taking care of the family you may need a little encouragement. Quite often we cannot find encouragement in our career, spouse, family member or close friend. What do you do? Below you will find inspirational guidance.

If you are a Christian, you should turn to the Bible. God’s Holy Word. The Bible will give you instruction, direction and guidance on how to handle any situation in your life. Psalm 119:105 says: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Proverbs 3:5-6 says: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Therefore, continue to search the scriptures in the Bible to guide you. This is where you will find the answers to your problems. This Website was created to help you in that endeavor. Happy scripture finding to you!!

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Anger Management
Here you can find Bible Scriptures and Books to help you with your Anger
Inspirational Bible Scriptures
Inspirational Bible Scriptures
In search of Bible Scriptures or Verses for Children?
Children can be disciplined and raised by using the Bible. The bible will help you with your parenting issues, problems or concerns. The Bible can also introduce you to children bible verses.
Managing Depression with the Bible
Depression bible verses are located throughout the bible. If you are depressed, I just want to encourage you to read these scriptures. Print them and meditate on them on a daily basis.
Early Christian Education is discussed in the Bible
Early christian education is important. The bible clearly talks about the importance of getting a good education. Reading these scriptures will inspire your educational endeavors.
Are you looking for Encouraging Bible Verses?
If you are looking for encouraging bible verses you have come to the right location. Read these verses and be encouraged.
These Scriptures on Faith will help to strengthen your Faith when it is weak.
Quite often your Faith gets weak. These Scriptures on Faith will help you to Strengthen your Faith and get you back on track.
Are you seeking Guidance and Direction on your life-time journey?
We all need some type of bible guidance in our lives. These bible scriptures will help you to make decisions and guide you through your daily journey in life.
Health and Wellness Scriptures found in the Bible
Here are some Bible Scriptures which reference our Health and Wellness Concerns.
Hope for your prayer concerns during these difficult times
There is defintely a need for hope during these difficult times. These Bible Scriptures will reveal that there is hope for home owners, the unemployed, bereaved or discouraged.
Good Bible Verses about the Household
Feel free to explore thesee Good Bible verses to help you manage your Household.
Inspirational Bible Scriptures
Inspirational bible scriptures and verses to encourage you are here. But, don't stop here, take a look a the other pages for additional scriptures.
Love Bible Verses and Scriptures
Love Bible Verses and Scriptures have a unique way of expressing the true meaning of love.
Scriptures on Marriage
Scriptures on marriage are very important. Marriage is ordained by God. Reading these scriptures will encourage you in your marital relationship
Prayer for Money
Prayer for Money, is this something you are requesting? How are you doing in the money area? Yes, I know that you have a concern about this, but what does the Bible say about MONEY?
Short Inspirational Poems
Short inspirational poems for you to share with others or enjoy for yourself
Prayer for Family
Prayer for family, friends and the church is truly needed. These inspirational scriptures talk about PRAYER and will direct you on how to have prayers of thansgiving, prosperity or even peace of mind.
Teenagers and Stress can be adressed with Bible Scriptures
Teenagers and stress should not go un-noticed. Everyone experiences it. But, how do you management it?
True meaning of success
Your true meaning of success depends on how you view your situation. These scriptures will help you find out if you are successfull
Sympathy Bible Verses
Sympathy Bible Verses will help to encourage individuals when they need it most
Wedding Bible Verses
Wedding bible verses are suitable to use in your wedding ceremony or anniversary celebration
Famous bible verses which focus on wisdom
These Famous Bible verses to direct you to make wise decisions. These scriptures, quotes and words from the bible will simply help you to get a better understanding of wisdom.
Thanksgiving Bible Verses
Thanksgiving Bible verses will remind you to be thankful at all times
Bible Scripture Quotes
Many Bible Scripture Quotes are used to help individuals make decisions, choices and to give direction. If you continue to search the Bible, you will find many more !
Popular Bible Verses
Popular bible verses are quoted and recited by many individuals and churches. What is popular for you?nd discussed
Friendship Bible Verses
What is a true Friend. Maybe you can find the answer in these Friendship bible verses.
Bible verses for Funerals
Don't know what Bible verses to use for funerals? These scriptures will help you in time of need.
Bible verses about healing
Do you or someone have an illness that needs healing ?
Bible Verses About Mothers
Did you not know there are Bible Verses about mothers throughout the Bible ?
Teen Bible Verses
Teen bible verses are simply scriptures from the bible that appropriately encourage young people. Choose a scripture and reference it in an amplified Bible. This will give you additional clarity.
Teen Depression: We need to Help
Teen depression is on the rise. We need to help our teens and young adults overcome Depression by giving them encouragement and showing them Love
Freedom From Debt
Learn how to get out of debt and become financially free!!
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Bible scriptures on Trust
Bible scriptures on loneliness
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Bible Scriptures on Worry
Here you will find bible scriptures to encourage you not to worry
Patient Bible Scriptures
Patient Bible Scriptures will help you. Here you will find several scriptures to reference when you become inpatient
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